Shopping in Providence

Providence Place Mall
When you are looking for a great place in Providence for a day of shopping, check out the Providence Place Mall. The mall has a variety of specialty shops and department stores for you to enjoy. The shops also offer discounts and specials to save you some money. When you are ready to eat, there are also a number of restaurants and cafes in the mall.

Warwick Mall
If you are near the South end of Providence and looking for a place to go shopping for the day, check out the Warwick Mall. Just a few minutes south or town, the Warwick Mall is an exciting place to hang out with friends and do some shopping for clothes, accessories, shoes and much more. The mall has many new stores available that offer the most up-to-date products like electronics, furnishings and other merchandise. They even include several department stores so you can save money on your purchases.

Wayland Square
If you enjoy quaint neighborhood shops and specialty stores, then check out the Wayland Square area of Providence. Also known as the White City Shopping Center, the Square includes many shops that feature baked goods, beauty salons, art galleries, craft shops, sporting goods and many more. Wayland Square also features small cafes and restaurants that offer you a taste of east coast delicacies.

Garden City Center
Just a couple minutes south of Providence is a village of shops called the Garden City Center that offers you over 50 of the most popular specialty stores available such as Williams-Sonoma and Anthropologie to name a few. Whether you are looking for clothing, pottery, draperies, lingerie, hair services or any of a number of other products and services, the Garden City Center is a great place to go for your shopping needs. When you need to stop for a while and recharge, you can get a cup of coffee and a cafe or a hearty sandwich at the intimate restaurants in the center.

Shoppe Pioneer
If you want a unique shop that specializes in fashions and lifestyle products, check out the Shoppe Pioneer. The shop is a different type of apparel store, specializing in Indie apparel for women. Based on designer Natalie Morello's desire to find more classic and vintage women's clothing, the Shoppe Pioneer offers creations by the designer that hearken back to the vintage clothing she loves, creating a new type of fashion wear.